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Program Overview

Build the foundations of early learning with Johnnie Max, an all new online literacy program for PreK-K.
Complete English / Spanish equity across all components supports English learners, bilingual children, and dual language classrooms.

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Multi-disciplinary Content
Integrated Across All Lessons



Introduce core concepts and build background

Each lesson begins with an engaging video that introduces concepts and vocabulary. The Teacher and Home Guides provide discussion support at key teachable moments. Children can watch these information-packed videos over and over in school or at home.

Program Overview
Program Overview


Interactive Nonfiction eBooks

The eBooks are the instructional core of the program. The content aligns to  literacy, science, math, and social studies standards and builds the foundations of digital navigational skills.

Designed to be used for whole class instruction, in small groups, and by individual students and their caregivers. ALL text is supported with audio.

  • Explore academic concepts with standards-aligned nonfiction content
  • Engage dialogic reading to develop oral language and vocabulary skills
  • Advance English learners with strong text-to-picture support

Interactive eBook Features

Interactive features built into each eBook page deepen and consolidate knowledge gains.

Locator  Maps

Locate photo origin and promote global awareness

Comprehension Checks

Develop critical thinking skills and reinforce vocabulary 


Information Notes

Expand core content and academic vocabulary

Program Overview

Multi-disciplinary Content in Three Book Types

Label Books

Label Books

Concept Books

Concept Books

Sentence Books

Sentence Books


Vocabulary Games

These fun, interactive games provide endless practice with content and academic vocabulary, while providing teachers and caregivers with useful insights into students’ progress.
  • Games provide multiple exposures to vocabulary words. Randomization makes every round of game-play a new experience, reinforcing learning.
  • Results are automatically recorded in the learning management system and reported to teachers and caregivers to support additional reinforcement in class or at home.
  • Students can play as often as they want, building fluency.
Program Overview
Program Overview

Deepen Engagement

Digital Fiction Books

These charming stories engage children in The Adventures of Johnnie Max. The fiction series introduces the relatable characters, Johnnie Max and Sarabella, and involve children in global exploration, one continent at a time. The series: 
  • Tells the origin of program mentor, Johnnie Max, a mysterious and adorable robot with advanced artificial intelligence

  • Develops and supports social-emotional learning as Johnnie Max learns what it means to be human

  • Builds global awareness by taking children along with the characters as they explore and discover our wondrous world

Extend Learning

Hands-On Activity Videos

These videos model hands-on activities for in-class or at-home fun!
  • Extend at-home learning
  • Provide step-by-step support for hands-on activities 
  • Expand listening vocabulary
Teacher Dashboard
Student & Parent Dashboard
Student & Parent Dashboard


Learner Management

All your program content and your students’ progress is accessible on one platform.
Content and Program Management
  • Classroom presentation mode
  • Lesson planning and assigning
Classroom Management
  • Student assessment and reporting
  • Standards alignment reporting
Home Connection
  • Parent/caregiver access to all content
  • Automatic progress updates and reporting
  • Home Guides to support at-home learning


School-Home Connection App

Built specially for Johnnie Max teachers and families to enable easy, real-time communication. Available for iOS and Android devices.

The Johnnie Max Communication App:

  • Enables the easy exchange of information and media between school and home

  • Alerts teachers and parents about ongoing assessment and progress to facilitate continued support in class or at home

Program Overview
Allison Shelley for American Education: Images of Teachers and Students in Action
Allison Shelley for American Education: Images of Teachers and Students in Action

Program Resources

Teacher and Home Guides

  • Teacher and Home Guides support all components.
  •  Explicit dialogic reading strategies support learning goals.
  • Outdoor Adventures! activities extend learning for hands-on exploration outdoors.

Professional Development

  • Develop dialogic reading knowledge and competencies.
  • Professional development videos model dialogic reading strategies with real users.

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